What level am I? Here’s a handy guide to our four levels at The Wednesday Club.

6.30pm Beginners

Want to learn to swing dance from scratch? This is the level for you! This level is for people that have never done any swing dancing before. You don’t need to bring a partner. We will rotate partners in class, so you will dance with lots of people – a great way to make friends! These classes can be taken in any order, so you can start any time and you can drop in to classes whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if you miss a week. Most people can expect to stay in Beginners for 3-6 months.

7.30pm Intermediate

This class is for swing dancers who are already confident with their fundamentals. You should know your basic 6-Count Lindy, 8-Count Lindy and Lindy Charleston. You should be confident with your Swing Outs and Lindy Circles, and have some social dancing experience. The Intermediate level focuses on:

  • Technique – polish fundamentals, build connection & make your Lindy Hop feel great
  • Repertoire – learn all the classic moves & material every Lindy Hopper must know
  • Style – explore styles & make your Lindy Hop look cool
  • Confidence – get more confident social dancing at all tempos

Most students would expect to stay in Intermediate level for 6-12 months. These classes can be taken in any order, so drop in anytime.

8.30pm Intermediate-Advanced

This class is suitable for Intermediate and Advanced dancers. We usually work on a different theme each month in this session. Themes might be a specialised Lindy Hop topic, an important dance skill or a different swing style. You don’t need to take all the classes in a theme, you can drop in to any single class in a month.┬áThese classes can be taken in any order, so drop in any time, start any time.

9.30pm Advanced

This class is for Lindy Hoppers who are very confident with their fundamentals and are looking to challenge themselves with advanced connection, challenging moves, sweet rhythms, musicality and style. There is new material every single week for the Advanced level. Drop in any time.